DLS is a Leading Provider of Electronic Locks for last 10 Years, DLS RF Lock Series Features a Sleek Design to Complement Modern Hotel's Aesthetics. RFID Combines all the Aesthetic Options of the Modular, Design-Centric Advance Locking systems with the Security and Reliability of Contact-Less RFID Technology. Hence no Physical Contact between the RF Card and the Reader / Access Point is Required. Advance RFID Eliminates the need for Users to Swipe Keycards like Earlier old Technology, thereby increasing the vivacity of RF Cards life Extensively. RFID Advance Technology Remunerates to Achieve a Next Level of Security, Convenience and Operational Efficiency for the Modern Hotels / Property. Further this Generation of our Advance Locking Platform Combines Proven Reliability and Aesthetic Design to meet the needs of the most Challenging Environment.

RFID Technology - Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of an object (Typically Referred to as an "RFID Tag") Applied to or Incorporated into a Product, Animal, or Person for the purpose of Identification and Tracking using Radio Waves. Some Tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader. This technology is also used in Some Modern Electronic Locks.

DLS RF Digital LockFunctionality
RF Card LockTo open the door with the use of RF Identification System, It is no Longer to Associate with the card and a bunch of keys, but enjoy the convenience and safety from the high-tech RF.
Emergency ModeWhen battery is in dead stage, Lock goes to automatic emergency mode
Low-Voltage Alarm The system will Automatically Set Off the "LOW-VOLTAGE ALARM" and Never Mind when Batteries Replaced.
Intelligent Management Intelligent RF Card Registration, Deletion, Emptiness Management DLS-RFxxxxx/g.
Intelligent CheckingLocks will retain the recent record of transactions, thus it improves security
Automatic Anti-FalseBeing able to Distinguish the RF Copied or Forged etc.
Function of Back LockingHaving the function of Passage Locks and Inner Locking and then makes you Safe and Convenient.
Induction Operating Frequency125 Khz
Applicable CardAtmel T5557, Mifare
Sensing Range1 to 2.5 CM
VoltageFour Sections of 1.5V Alkaline Batteries
Static Power Consumption<10 Microamps
Dynamic Power Consumption <200 Microamps

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